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Shorin-ryu Karate / Okinawan Kobudo (Ancient Weapon Way)
Shorin-ryu KARATE Services
Taiji Qigong- Supreme Ultimate Energy
Private Lessons
We teach traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate to students of all ages from 5 & up. In Shorin-ryu Karate you learn first the respect for yourself, others and nature. Then the focus is on learning the discipline of Karate through exercise, stretching & Self-Defense. Students who do Karate strengthen muscles & improve mental powers, confidence, leadership skills. You also  develop excellent physical health and a healthy mind body spirit.

Okinawan Kobudo is an advanced aspect of Shorin-Ryu Karate that emphasizes the "Way of Weapons". Students learn Okinawan Kobudo after getting a basic handle on Karate. Okinawan Kobudo training benefits the students in using weapons to improve coordination, strengthen the body and sharpen one's focus. You must be a Shorin-Ryu Karatedo student to learn Kobudo.

$200 New Student Start Cost
$120 Monthly Tuition One Student
$240 Monthly Family Tuition (up to three students)
Our Dojo takes great care to provide our students traditionally influenced contemporary Martial Ways. For more info, fill out the  form on this page. 

We teach a variety of Martial Arts including:

Tai Chi is a martial art that primarily exercises the mind, body & spirit through slow meditative  self-defense movements based on the animal styles of the Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Crane & Dragon. Emphasis is placed on body control, specialized breathing techniques and meditation. Taiji is a healing martial art that tones, strengthens and reduces tension in the body as well as developing mental powers, energy and an alert calm nature.

We also teach Qigong which is translated as energy work. Qigong is the art of enhancing your life's energy. Muscle Tendon Changing, Brain Marrow Washing, Silk Weaving movement, Standing & Sitting Meditation are taught to maintain good health and cure sickness and illness in the morning & night classes.

$120 Monthly Tuition
$135 (10 Classes)
$230 (20 Classes)
$300 (30 Classes)
Private Lesson are available from Sensei Ballenger by appointment on a weekly basis in Karate and/or Tai Chi.

$60 (1 hour and thirty minutes)
$200 Monthly Tuition for 4 Private Lessons

If you have any question concerning the martial art we teach and the services we provide, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.